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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Goddammitboyhowdy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! release show

The record is back and we are putting it all together. 250 pieces of beautiful wax: hand-screened, hand-numbered, comes with cd version and insert. It looks SUPER!

Release show is going to go on on Saturday March 5th at the Bike Doctor in Missoula.

Noise Noise Noise will be making the trek from Billings to play.

The Hot New Mexicans from Athens, GA and currently on Recess records will be in town for the nights festivities.

Locals Tidal Horn will be kicking all the fun off at 9.

Hope you can all come-cheers

Doors at 8


  1. Picked up a copy at Ear Candy Music. Really cool and I like it a lot! Keep up the good work everyone.

  2. thanks for supporting local music and Ear Candy. Thanks to John for carrying all my stuff. Also, thanks for posting and letting me know your thoughts. I can not do this without the support of everyone out there who digs records.-MBRty