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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Smorgasbord of rock at Zoo City Apparel

Monday November 26 at Zoo City Apparel 

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is a long way from Montana but a good friend of our moved to Missoula from the town of steel. Edhochuli were his friends and are coming back for a second go around if you missed them the last time.Fans of WantageUSA here in Missoula should check out the video below. These dudes seriously kill it. Video posted by Razorcake Gorsky Press.  Local heavy hitters Shramana have been added to the bill to accompany Edhochuli and with Duane Raider now playing bass these guys are fully shredding it around Missoula.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Stonefly and Minor Bird got one

Missoula may be Montana's mecca for music currently. There are a bunch of good folks putting on shows around town and we are glad to have our first co promotion with Stonefly productions.

Saturday November 17th at the VFW 


Burn Burn Burn! 

Winter's Forest 

Buddy Jackson

Portland Oregon's Yards featuring Krist Krueger of the band Southerly brings to Missoula a composition in rock. Driving ambiance Yards will sooth the soul if I did not expect them to be so loud that words cannot be heard. Burke Jam, formerly of Church Mouse and A Process of a Still Life, is longtime friends of Krist and will deafen the carets of ears when he takes the stage under the new moniker Winters Forest. Winter's Forest is a dark and ambient assault on the senses with beauty blaring forth in waves of loud guitar layers. Key word here is LOUD!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Missoula melts after Tragedy

After getting back from Portland. A recent purchase of a used His Hero is Gone cd spurred a hunt for footage. This past May Missoula was visited by Portlands' Tragedy. Here is some footage. We were more than glad at MBR to help with passing out handbills and putting up fliers. ENJOY!