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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What does Missoula have in common with Garbage and Dinosaur Jr?

                                                                 Answer: Screaming Females

                                             Monday September 24th 
                                              @ The Palace Lounge
     Warm Soda
     Needle Craft
     The Juveniles
      Oll Breds
      18+ show

On their way to Seattle to head out on a tour with Garbage ( yes indeed this is the band you are thinking of) and play a few dates with Dinosaur Jr. Screaming Females will be playing a date at The Palace Lounge. It's been a while since these folk played Missoula. The hype behind this band is for a reason. Crediting Husker Du as one of their major influences this band will not disappoint. Their list of bands opening for is quite impressive and may soon be the ones other bands are crediting having opened up for.