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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cheap Girls, Al Scorch, and more..more..more..

Wednesday September 12th Missoula Events and MBR


The Cheap Girls @ The Palace Lounge

So September is building up to be pretty amazing..we are teaming up with KBGA and New West on Wednesday, September 12th when The Cheap Girls Come to town.

Giant Orange, their 3rd release, was the first record produced by Tom Gabel of Against Me at his new Total Treble studio. Rise Records is responsible making this possible to spin.

Here are some links to a couple reviews of this slab o wax:

Nine Bullets review
Punk News review
popstache review

Locals Germ Hunk, Boys, and Buddy Jackson will be throwing down for support. Show is at The Palace Lounge 18+/$10 21+$5
Show starts at 9pm

Thursday September 6th 
PDLear residency begins 
Al Scorch, Bird's Mile Home and Boog

This Thusday, September 6th PD Lear kicks odd his September Residency with a special guest. Chicago's Al Scorch. Al plays at times with the backing band as Al Scorch and his Country Soul Ensemble featuring members of Defiance Ohio, Langhorn Slim, Ramshackle Glory, a Hawk and a Hacksaw and even the Neutral Milk Hotel. He will be here on his own this time around. Bird's Mile Home opens and Boog from Austin.

Show will be at the VFW and doors will be at 9pm.

Friday September 7th @ Zoo City Apparel

September 7th is first Friday and
many will be out galavanting. Britany Felgate of Balque Owl Tattoo will be featuring her artwork for the view of the masses at Zoo City Apparel.
Following we got a pretty sweet show. 

Siren Songs from Vancouver BC will be 
crossing the border and coming to Missoula. 

Also on the bill is Plan-it-x band Tooth Soup on tour in support of their album Casting Off Curses.

Along with locals My Two Dads and the new missoula band Consequence.

keep watching for the next show list coming shortly....

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