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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

mike watt + the missingmen 2nd heapin’ helpin’ u.s. tour 2012

Wantage Usa and Minor Bird Records team up to bring you:

Mike Watt + the missing men

$10 in adv/ $13 at the door
tix available at Ear Candy Music and Zoo City Apparel

with locals: Bird's Mile Home

Mike Watt's a name up there with folks like D. Boon, Keith Morris, and Kira Roessler, Robo and... uh, you know, people one gets a ticket to see regardless when they're coming to town. Watt was an original member of the Minutemen, legendary 80s funk-punk group whose "econo"/DIY/friends-before-careerism approach to music and shows helped re-define and invigorate underground music for generations. He: used to dress like Fidel Castro at shows, and wrote music on a crop of records that sits high atop the Western punk canon with other stuff like Black Flag, the Meat Puppets, Dead Kennedys, Germs and Red Kross. And the stuff continues to stand the test of time, with songs like the Minutemen's Corona offering the soundtrack to Johnny Knoxville's Jackass show, and everybody and their brother having a well-worn copy of Double Nickels on the Dime.

A few years ago, well, maybe 7 or 8, We Jam Econo, the Story Of the Minutemen was released. It's on Youtube for free here: http://youtu.be/HmKGusadv08

Watt's touring these days with the Missing Men, who're San Pedro punks and who rage full on. We expect greatness.

We are teaming up with Wantage USA to bring you this one Econo. 

Last year Todd Conglierre of recess records, FYP, URTCL, Toys that Kill and much more came through Missoula he had with him a Killer Dreamer 7". Now I tend to buy a lot of 45's as I have a serious addiction to these short tedious little things. Needless to say I have bought many over the past year and Killer Dreamer was one of the best. Not only is Raul a member of Killer Dreamer but of FYP. Killer Dreamer was featured on the AEO tour VHS from their assault on America in 2004-MBR

Perhaps it was 1993 when Mike Watt's post-Minutemen outfit fIREHOSE rolled into Portland,
Ore.’s La Luna and put on a clinic in rock and roll basics. Expectations were high as Watt
and co. hit the stage. The Supersuckers had thrown down a solid set and people were
drunked up and ready to do the mosh-pitting which had seeped into nearly every flavor of live
show by then. The band’s dress matched that of the crowd: flannel on flannel, jeans. There
were some hawked punkers skulking around, but they seemed too cool for this congregation.
From the darkened stage the ringy-dingy, fleshy tone of Watt’s bass tattled that the boys were
about ready. The audience lost it. There are probably three bassists in the entire world who
can garner an audience’s attention with a couple of arbitrary notes, Watt is one of them. The
band begins and everyone presses forward. We are overdressed and hot, but we are flyin’
the flannel so it’s all good. Second or third song, Watt breaks a string. My crew and I are
horrified. Not because it sounded bad. Or because he muffed up. We were horrified because
of how casually he pulled out a string–from his back pocket?!!!–and set about replacing it.
He continued playing, hitting all his spots, re-tuning and, by the way, singing this particular
jam. The whole deal took less than 30 seconds. We were blown away by the man’s “grace
under pressure.” He could play better than all of us with one hand (literally!) behind his back.
Like Hemingway’s bullfighters, Watt makes it look easy and he also makes it sound fresh and
beautiful. Imagine if you could live your life with dexterity, humility and positivity. If you can,
then you probably know what it’s like to be Mike Watt.
–Jason McMackin

Not being as familiar with Tom Watson by named I looked him up and holy @#$%^@@..... Slovenly! Member of The Jom and Terry show..... So last summer we released a record by The Trashies called Space Jam if this is your first time here. It has been referred to as similar to The Spits of course. However it has received accolades of similarity to Cptn Beefheart, The 13th Floor elevators meets The Mothers of Invention and relative to this have been references to Red Crayola.

So you can see all of this come together when Watt + the missing men play ZCA on October 1st in Missoula. Again, we have our friends over at Wantage helping out and tickets are available at Ear Candy Music and Zoo City Apparel.

Come get your 1st helpin' when the 2nd heapin' helpin' rolls through town. All Ages folks


Missoulian article: Mike Watt turns short songs into opera; don't miss Thee Oh Sees live

Missoula Independent article: Minute man: Watt blows it out both ends with Hyphenated-Man

: OH, SEE. IT'S WATT YOU THOUGHT IT WOULD BE. Thunderbroom spiel Mascis Iggy Stooge Asheton Dwyer. California. Uber alles. Double Nickels. Th...

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