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Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Best Saturday Ever in Missoula!

This Saturday August 11th! Missoula Montana! Skate @Noon! Rock@7pm!

On the docket for the night: Mordecai, The Damage Done, Cruddy, Bird's Mile HomeMargy Pepper, Jefferson Death Star, Brother Nature, Fuck Detector, Genevieve Smith, Petunia

Wantage Usa is bringing forth their newest release featuring Butte's Mordecai. The young lads have been playing together for quite some time now. It is only just that they piqued the interest of the Wantage crew. This Saturday Butte will crawl out of the Super fund and present "Waste" to the masses

Seattle's The Damage Done, Total Fest alumni, are returning the week before TFXI are out in support of their first slab of Wax. "Nothing is Over" is The Damage Done's latest release. It has been some time since these strapping bucks have made the trek through the mountains and who knows the next time we will be able to see them.

At Noon on Saturday head down to Mobash and hang with everyone during the Missoula installment of The Montana Skatepark Series. Make sure say hi to all the dudes from Edge of The World and Minor Bird Records' creative designer Anneke Ayers. Also, Anneke will be having an art show at the Zacc Gallery Friday the 10th at 5:30 (235 N 1st St). Featured will be all her concert posters and band art. Along with an unveiling of a few new ones for shows coming up. Orders will be taken and screens will be printed accordingly.

After that take a dip in the clark fork grab a bite and head over to Zoo City Apparel. Show starts at 7 pm on the dot and will move to The VFW at 10pm for the remainder of the night. Longtime friends of The Trashies, Texas' Cruddy(vid above) are on tour and making the stop for the night. We have been in contact for a while now with many Olympia bands and one asked for this date. Margy Pepper(vid below) are one of these RAD bands and are going to be at Zoo City Apparel on Saturday

What is a 9 band show without some hardcore. Thus here they are Fargo's Fuck Detector. This video was put up on you tube by Razorcake:
Our friends in Minot have to be a little lonely with the dudes from Brother Nature living in Minneapolis now. Good for us they are on tour:

Not only are the Damage Done playing but Jefferson Death Star will kick this all off at Zoo City Apparel at 7 pm on the (.) At 10 pm we will move the festivities to the VFW. 

Former Missoulian Genevieve Smith will be coming back to Missoula and throwing down an acoustic set. Local's Petunia and Bird's Mile Home will add some local support in addition to Mordecai.

Come one and come all to a fun filled Saturday on the streets and venues of Missoula. 

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