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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Smorgasbord of rock at Zoo City Apparel

Monday November 26 at Zoo City Apparel 

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is a long way from Montana but a good friend of our moved to Missoula from the town of steel. Edhochuli were his friends and are coming back for a second go around if you missed them the last time.Fans of WantageUSA here in Missoula should check out the video below. These dudes seriously kill it. Video posted by Razorcake Gorsky Press.  Local heavy hitters Shramana have been added to the bill to accompany Edhochuli and with Duane Raider now playing bass these guys are fully shredding it around Missoula.

Kansas City was a stop for locals Bird's Mile Home when they went on tour last year. They happened to meet some Rad peeps there who were in a band called Bent Left. Bent Left will be here for there second Thanksgiving week stint. This is pop punk at it's finest. Don't discredit 'pop punk' has many forms, this is more like the D4 sound. Check out another vid below:

Throw out your support to Zoo City for this in house event and come out and throw down a measly $5.

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