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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lately here for general perusal by Timmy ArrowTop

Marty asked me to write here occasionally since he's so goddamn busy doing other things here and there. So I will on occasion occasionally write here from time to time! Ha! So:

As you may know readin' this here ol' blog, Minor Bird release 002 has been seemingly and resoundingly successful since its dee-butt this past month. Despite the release show at the Bike Doctor being shut down and subsequently Goddammitboyhowdy being not able to play, things turned out alright. Good vibeadaccio and good times were had and the 7 inch is garnering some delicious reviews. I personally dig the hell out of this record. "Goddammitboyhowdy is Rez Punk" is a damn fine record! But just as Geordie LaForge would say: "Don't take my word for it:"

Also, soonly soonly release number three will soonly hit the public's face like so much awesome face smashery! and that will be Ambassador Gun's "Rich". It's brutal, immediate, succinct and perfunct! Them's adjectives I don't really use and that's how good it is. That'll be April 8th, I believe. And don't forget Squalora's next release as well, and that will be out at the end of April. Shit's happening and chopping something fast, ayuh! Ok, next time I'll get some cool stuff on this, like resources, labels, bands, Missoula shit, Montana shit. Yum yum yum. See ya! 

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