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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Recent review(s) of Bird's Mile Home's self titled LP.

MaximumRocknRoll, January 2011, #332

Lp Review
"Most of you fellow MRR readers will not like this album. But for those of you out there who won't stop reading this review upon first mention of "folk punk" we have something here for you. This is way more folk than punk; in fact it's not all that punk at all. But it's gritty, it's raw and it's really well orchestrated. The songwriting is good and the lyrics are thoughtful and poetic. In a musical genre dominated by really annoying kids and bands this feels fresh. Make no bones about it, this is folk music, but if you're on the lookout for the cutting edge of folk music, check out these Montana kids. (Fred Schrunk)

CD Review
"Frustratingly, (well, for me at any rate), the packaging accompanying this effort is pretty minimal. Like no address for the band. No song titles (though I did discover that there are fourteen ditties, which are even named on the disc itself). Instrumentation is also fairly spare, and semi-acoustic. Guitar, bass, percussion, harmonica, and a cello. But a pretty engaging brew it is. Reminds me of bits of TIM BARRY, Wisconsin-era CRUCIFUCKS (e.g. when they were getting a bit wistful and musical), the string-infused cabaret of RHYTHM ACTIVISM and an acoustic MOUNTAIN GOATS. All good things, which makes the lack of info/lyrics et al. all the more frustrating. I guess you'll just have to go the extra mile and a bit to track it down. (Ramsey Kanaan)

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