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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hellride reviews MBR catalog

Hellride music recently went through our entire catalog and posted reviews. Here is what Jay Snyder had to say:

Martin Hill who put out twang-y, Minutemen inspired upstarts Birds Mile Home (please do check them out) has really fired up the coal as far as his label is concerned. I got a nice, fat care package with 4 immaculately designed vinyls inside. Righteous!

First up to bat is the Rich 7” from Minneapolis massacarists Ambassador Gun.


Another Missoula related act courtesy of Minor Bird Records; ol’ Marty Hill has a good ear for a wide array of rugged, sandpaper sounds. This time it’s punk/rock trio, Goddamitboyhowdy. Aside from one of the most blatantly awful band names I’ve encountered in recent history, Is Rez Punk is a top-notch collection of ratty, snotty, off-key punk with aggressive tendencies and some mean rock n' roll chops. I’d call this Red Kross meets Swedish anthem hoisters Regulations with a pinch of Black Flag and Avail rounding things out.


Beginning with haunting acoustic guitars and a cryptic sample that accurately describes American politics as, “red, white, and blue American bullshit,” it’s obvious the Missoula to Portland, transplanted crusties Squalora have an ambitious experience intended for their audience on Hell Is Other People, their second LP under the Squalora banner. They put out the Character Assassins LP and a handful of 7 inches as Ass-End Offend. Their last release, a S/Tfor Wantage effortlessly mashed-up progressive structuring with Neurosisian scope; welding that esoteric approach to traditional, d-beat desecration for a wistfully worthwhile experience!


Unknowingly, I saved the worst for last. This Minor Bird Records’ feature was going swimmingly until I was confronted by the lunacy of The Trashies’Space Jam. I like me some good lunacy. Butthole Surfers, Nightstick, Bibilic Blood, Phantom Limbs…that stuff is as nutty as an army of radiated squirrels, but we’ve got problems Houston…big problems!


Unknowingly to Jay the Trashies review is amazing. Talked with the band and we are all stoked on what he had to say. One really needs to see The Trashies live to fully understand what they are about and we are not the first to say this. Hope if they come his way he will go see them. We will get Jay a permanent spot on their guest list.

Thanks much to Hellride and Jay Snyder and make sure to check them out.


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  1. Marty,

    Thanks for posting all of this. I'll say this about The Trashies, I'll be there a great live band, and "Destroy" is one of the coolest psych/rock jams ever written. Hope you are well, and feel free to get in touch anytime. You know where to find me!