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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Woman's Day featuring Tacocat (50 copies left)

We are excited to have released Tacocat's Woman's Day 7" in late November. Order at the MBR store link to the right (FREE SHIPPING in the states/international shipping will apply). This record features 4 new tracks and is an interactive 7".....read more

Record comes on white vinyl and is limited to 500. The covers are reversible and can be colored and sent to... tacocatcover@gmail.com
If by chance there is a repress the band will pick their favorite image and we will print the cover with that persons colorings.

Featuring Derek Erdman artwork. For more of his stuff go here: http://derekerdman.com/

Get this before it is gone.

Also, all vinyl orders while supplies last will get a free 7" from some friends of ours and cd orders will get a bonus cd. A little surprize from us with the seasons coming up.

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