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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

new MBR image

New image/ad compliments of new MBR conspirator Billy Leutzen

Here is a belated 160 character review of the Bird's mile Home self titled cd that he texted me a long while back while on tour:

"Good drum sound. No lyrics or track listing. Bummer. Good album art. Quiet vocal guy is nice. Reminds me of John K. Samson. Pretty good mix once i set sound levels. Track 4 have- ' I crush all the pretty things underneath my feet'. I'd like to hear the two voices together more '...so far from home...' good dual vox. Nice harmonica. Good music to drive to. 'silence out here is roaring' track sounds recorded on an answering machine, works well. Next song gruff box dude really lets go. I like that. He's subdued til then. 'coffee comes cold' next track good dual vocals. I wonder what the live show looks like? Good!"-Billy Leutzen

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