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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bird's Mile Home and Goddammitboyhowdy Wonder Twin Powers Activate!

     Here's the dates for our short jaunt to the Pacific NorthWest. Should be grand, Grand Dad. If you'se have any questions about locations n' such, Google it or shoot us an email: birdsmilehome@live.com!

     Ok, First and Foremost, Bird's Mile Home and a slew of other rad ass bands are filling up the weekend in Missoula with TummyFest! It is April 27th and 28th, starts at 6 pm and is going to be cool as ICE!
Here's an awesome sampler of the coolest with some more info:

April 29th- Spokane, WA @ a Dirty Yeti House Show! w/ Tim Blood,
1607 W. Main.

April 30th- Longview, WA @ Minus World w/ The Lolligaggers and Toxic Blood,
1054, 14th Ave.

May 1st- Portland, OR @ The Know w/ Absent Minds and Andrew Link and The Love Mechanics,
2026 NE Alberta st.

May 2nd- Olympia WA @ TBA House show ("I can't find the info... it's around here somewhere... hang on... fuck." - Timmy)

May 3rd- Seattle, WA @ Steelhouse! w/ Steelhorse and Jefferson Death Star,
814 NW 87th st.

and at that Goddammitboyhowdy is flying away to New York City for some shows and shenanigans. Timmy and Keith will be hot-totting it back to Montana for some crazy shit! Hope to see you's out and abouts.

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