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Monday, June 18, 2012

King Elephant coast-to-coast 2012!

 King Elephant's hitting the road in a week to support our soon-to-be unveiled LP.
Here's our route:

 6/28-Missoula, MT
6/29-Spokane, WA
6/30-Bellingham, WA
7/2-Olympia, WA
7/3-Portland, OR
7/4-Boise, ID
7/5-Pocatello, ID
7/6-Salt Lake City, UT
7/7-Denver, CO
7/8-Omaha, NE
7/9-Kansas City, MO-HELP!
7/10-St. Louis, MO-HELP!
7/11-Bloomington, IN-HELP!
7/12-Cincinnati, OH-HELP!
7/13-Columbus, OH-FOR GOD'S SAKE, HELP!
7/14-Washington, DC
7/16-Baltimore, MD
7/17-Philadelphia, PA
7/18-Robbinsville, NJ
7/20-New York, New York
7/21-New York, New York
7/22-Boston, MA
7/23-Buffalo, NY
7/24-Cleveland/Akron, OH-HELP!
7/25-Lansing, MI
7/26-Chicago, IL
7/27-Milwaukee, WI-HELP!
7/28-Minneapolis, MN
7/29-Fargo, ND
7/30-Minot, ND
7/31-Homecoming show and sleep for a thousand years

More details forthcoming!
If you have any contacts in the towns with the tell-tale "Help!" typed next to them, email us at kingelephantband@gmail.com.

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