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Monday, October 15, 2012

Mor recurdzzz

Hey everyone!
Joey's got the keys to this runaway tugboat now!

Minor Bird's got some real neat-o releases to be filling your earholes with glory and aural intoxication going to press this month, refined to such a point that if taken internally, may cause heart attacks, and/or priapism.


"What is this splendor?" you may be asking.
Well, that's for us to know and you to find out!

The first of which, MBR-007, is the second "official" release by Minor Bird's flagship band and habitual reprobates Bird's Mile Home. This 7" platter, titled April In Goddamn, is probably the band's most accurate document of its live antics. With all the "roots-y" (ehhh) and hardcore flavorings you've come to know and love from this (sometimes) trio. Five fast, sad songs with silly titles. The only thing missing is Tim's never-ending stream of smart-ass bullshit in between songs. Just close your eyes, sit in a hot, unventilated room with your bearded roommate drinking a dad can, chuck this on and PRESTO! you're at a Bird's Mile Home show! From the comfort of your very own home!  Huh! Wow!

Secondly, MBR-008 is the debut LP from Missoula's skinniest band, King Elephant. Never heard of 'em? Well, if Goddammitboyhowdy, Suicide Victim or the Whoopass Girls ring any bells, then you already know who this is! Comparisons to This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb, RVIVR, and Against Me! have been bandied about, so if you like your pop punk vaguely folk-ish, then KE may be 4 U! Or not. Their LP, titled Exhaust, is 11 tracks of van breakdowns, emotional breakdowns, and heavy breakdowns (not the dubstep kind. Fuck that noise). Served up saucy. Longer songs, slower songs, and octave runs up the deviated septum! Ethan J. Cool did not play on this record. "Who cares" about that guy. -Joey


1.You're Too Old For Science...
2.Pirate Battles On A Poorly Built Ship
3.You Should Know
4.Old Cars, Old Houses
5.Someone Save The Children!
6.Getaway Driver
8.Song For A Childhood Friend
9.In D
10.Time Vs. Place
11. ...And Too Old For Your Wife!

MBR 9 and 10....hmmm..in the works?! Interpunk has 3 GDBH 7"s left too if anyone is looking. 

Here: is Rez Punk


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