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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Monday April 15th/ Loma Prieta/ Night Nurses/Agatha/ King Elephant

It is getting close to summer here in Missoula and you can tell as the bands start to make their drives from coast to coast. We here at MBR are getting really excited.

For instance on MONDAY APRIL 15th the bay area's LOMA PRIETA are trekking through. Loma Prieta have been through Missoula before and are not new to the road. They are on their fourth album and are definitely going to kick us all in the teeth when they flip the switch on their amps.

We have combined efforts with WANTAGE USA who were working on a show for NIGHT NURSES out of Denver. Night Nurses played a show in Denver this last November with UZI Rash. If the stars had aligned and a drummer came forth our own Bird's Mile Home would be playing this show in support of this band.

Then we get the info our friends at Rumbletowne's Agatha are looking for a show on the same day. Well folk's we have thrown it all together with the help of the Ole Beck VFW and KBGA college radio to bring you a solid night of rock n' roll.

Missoula and Minor Bird artist King Elephant will be taking the floor this night so come out, have fun and support DIY music in Montana. None of this is possible without all of your continued support.

Here is a link to the Facebook event if you like.....KBGA presents.

Also, Thanks to An Anneke creation for another sweat poster!

Make sure to check out the links above and the video's below. SEE YOU AT THE SHOW!

Agatha (pt 1) from OFF TEMPO on Vimeo.

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