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Thursday, June 16, 2011


Quick update for all you out there- the MBR store is now active. I have set everything up with free shipping via media mail inside the US. You can pay using paypal or email us and we can make arrangements for check or well hidden monies. Trying to keep it all as affordable as possible for you folks.

Outside the US if interested please be patient as I am trying to calculate shipping expenses. If you are interested comment to this post and let me know where you are from and I can set those countries up first. There are hundreds of country listings to set up.

click the link to the right to take you there.

Side note: Bird's Mile Home,Ambassador Gun, and The Trashies are all going on tour within the next two months. Click the album links to check out preliminary schedules on their social media sites.

Thanks for supporting-MBRty

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