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Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Punk Rock Summer in Missoula


@The Badlander

208 Ryman St. - Missoula, MT





9 pm Live and local night

For those of us who were not lucky enough to go to The Fest and possibly catch Stabbed in Back here is your chance. SIB feature Tim who played drums in the band The Lillingtons and toured with The Eyeliners.  SIB are aggressive yet melodic punk with  and edgier vocals than you would come to expect when hearing the term melodic with punk. Check them out using the link above or the video below. Bill Stevenson was at the helm of their new recording. These guys are constantly mentioned in the vein of OFF and Strike Anywhere.

Poster image by our own Anneke Ayers/An Anneke Creation

Fort Collins has spawned some good punk bands in the past and a new one on the rise is Convelescents. Their debut album Armageddon has Bill Stevenson adding his touch to the mix as well.

Pittsburghs The Lopez is out on the road and coming through this evening. Adding a little noise to their blend of punk. I have a feeling this two piece is going to be a hit with the locals. Here is a video

And we are all familiar with Missoula's own Buddy Jackson featuring Jason Stathom on bass guitar. Band listing is in the photo to the right. These boys keep getting better and better. Maybe next year they will win the Zoo Music Awards. Come out for a night of Rock N Roll at The Badlander and show them dub step is not the only thing worth while. Tell your friends and share the links below.

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