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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Big Eyes in the wake of Sled Island

Calgary Aberta was hit with a flood and have suggested the evacuation of over 100,000 people. With the ensuing catastrophe this years Sled Island Festival came to a halt and bands were left scrambling as well. As with our friends in Minot, ND we send out our sympathy to all the people that are put out and unfortunate.

Big Eyes from Seattle who played Zoo City Apparel at last years Total Fest are heading back home and have decided to stop in Missoula and play at The ZACC Beleow. Here is a link to their Sled Island announcement:
Sled Island Big Eyes

The ZACC gallery is non profit arts center focusing on art development for kids. Adults are open for classes as well. Recently they started renting the basement space formerly the BSMT that held many a rad! punk shows.

The ZACC has opened this to DIY events and is running it ALL AGES. This means no drugs or booze, friends.

Shows start at 8 pm as does this one and in this instance it costs $5.

Come out and have fun but leave the booze at home. 

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  1. wow that is insane I feel bad for everyone living there

    bubblegum casting