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Sunday, June 2, 2013


Total fest is close upon us all here in Missoula, we will get together August 15th through 17th and revel in rock and hang out with friends, local and afar. That does not mean that nothing is happening prior! Total fest keeps some coming back outside of the Fest. For instance:

Olympia/ Hardly Art

When listening to Broken Water it is no surprise to find out they are from Olympia. The Olympia of the past that brought us KARP and Unwound. They get a lot of praise that tends to mention a resemblance to Sonic Youth. Take a listen to the video below and check them out.

"Chantal Seder" by Broken Water (Official Video) from Kanako Pooknyw on Vimeo.

The folks over at Wantage have put this one together with locals I Hate Your Girlfriend and VERA

On this Tuesday we will also be remembering how Josh Vanek was young and strapping. Nothing matters as we grow older so as our spirit stays the same. Josh is one who defines this. We here at Minor Bird owe this gentleMAN a great deal of thanks and hope that all who would consider him friend will show up and buy Josh a shot of Jager. Double shots if you wish!

Prior to Josh taking Jager shots and the festivities kicking off at the VFW make sure to head on over to Draftworks Brewing at 5 pm for the Total chug. Proceeds from Draftworks throwing down in support of Total Fest will go to help the Fest continue to bring RAD music to Missoula.

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