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Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Last year was a hiatus in releases for MBR but 2014 is going to be crazy. Releases from Bird's Mile Home, King Elephant, Black Sparrow Press/ The Plurals split, Total Combined Weight, Mega Giant, Shahs, Needlecraft and more are in the works. Records are back, some are at press, some are mastered some are being mixed but it's looking to be a FANtastic year for us

In 2013, Ambassador Gun put out a record on Prosthetic Records titled "Golden Eagle". Tacocat  worked out a relationship with Hardly Art out of Seattle and release "NVM" on Valentines Day.

King Elephant
The Plurals

Bird's Mile Home


Minor Bird Records will be starting a series of releases called 7+7=7. Releases from Billings' Mega Giant and Missoula's Total Combined Weight and Holy Lands. We are hoping to keep this an ongoing this and release stuff 2 to 3 times a year in accord with this series. The concept is to release 7 songs for 7 dollars and then follow this up with a 7 inch vinyl record with download. We need your help to make this ongoing so click the megagiant link on the right column and order the cd or cassette.

As well as releasing Megagiant's today (and everyday) as in the last post we are releasing Bird's Mile Home's April in Goddamn. This is also available for preorder currently.

Well keep up on the posts as we have more info, records and shows to announce soon.


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