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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Releases, Shows and more

Spring has turned into summer and Missoula has been exciting thus far and there is so much more to come. We have seen some pretty rad shows come through and are stoked for what's to come.

Two Cow Garage

April in God Damn
Two cow Garage played in June with the return of Bird's Mile Home. Bird's Mile has reenlisted their original drummer, Jesse, and is now set to release April in God Damn very soon. April in God Damn is a five track amped up album reminiscent of their live set. The first self titled LP was came out and showed all of what these lads can do. This is how anyone who has seen them regularly know them… release date to come soon. You can pre order it by clicking the image of the record on the side bar.

King Elephant "Exhaust"

So GDBH was pretty epic and we may just have to repress the "is Rez Punk" 7" at some point. You should contact us and let us know if this should be done. So now the boys are getting older and Joey and Booster went on to form King Elephant with their friend Ryan. Missoula's Ethan J Uhl joined shortly their after. KE is one of Missoula's best live punk bands and this record is no short coming. Exhaust is anthemic, rough and melodic all at once.

Joey and Lauren (BTJR)
We had Benny the Jet Rodriguez come through town with a new record on Todd from FYP and Toys that Kill's Recess record label. After seeing them at Total Fest XII we were stoked to have them come back through. What is exciting here is that Joey Centofanti is also in a band called Black Sparrow Press. We are releasing a limited version of a split 7 between Black Sparrow Press and Lansing Michigan's The Plurals. The Plurals tend to tour regularly and most likely have come very close to your town. Keep watch as they will most likely be on the road in the fall.
The Plurals/Black Sparrow Press limited edition of 100 hand pulled silk screen cover version

We will be posting up some more news shortly, more releases, shows and news.  

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