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Sunday, April 5, 2015

He Whose Foot is Gored

An image from Total Fest 2014 of He Whose Ox is Gored. What it doesn't depict is the band member with a splint on his ankle. Thus the story goes......... while loading in the guitarist when navigating the narrow stairwell with a full cab slipped and the amp landed on his foot. To note again this happened while loading in to play. Watching the aftermath, dude was in some serious pain. At which point one local hero came to aid riding his bike home to grab a splint they had.  They returned and splinted the foot and about 15 minutes later He Whose Ox is Gored took the stage. After playing the band went straight to the hospital and found out guitarist Brian McClellan broke two bones in four places in his foot...... This Tuesday April 4th He Whose Ox is Gored comes back to the Palace. Doors open at 9 

Also, here is a teaser for a show coming up in May.....

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